Rustic State Halat Cast Iron Vintage Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Wall Mount Pulley 6.75 Inch Diameter for Custom Make Lamps and Fixtures

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You Can Perfectly Embody a Rustic Farmhouse Style Decor in Your Home, Restaurant, Bar, Café or Diner with the Help of the Vintage Industrial Look Pulley…
Create a High-End Design Like the One’s You See on Pinterest: You can use the pulley for decorating your patio, deck, balcony or backyard, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a custom design with a pulley. You can use it for hanging plants, light fixtures, Moroccan lanterns, candle holders, or flower pots to make the pulley design look out of this world beautiful. Hanging light fixtures creates a nice streamlined look and you won’t have to hide the cord behind any piece of furniture. Create a custom living room décor with a pulley, it is perfect for hanging a frame, mirror or clock with a rope which adds an extra hint of rustic or industrial look.

Custom Make Decoration for Nearly a Fraction of the Cost: Custom decorating is trendy and expensive for most individuals, but with the inexpensive high-quality lightweight pulley everyone can create a custom barn, farmhouse style décor. Not everyone can hire an interior designer to create a stylish rustic home decoration but everyone could take up a hobby and create a vintage rustic design of their choice. You can be the envy of your friends with a whimsical, ingenious design that is out of this world. You can even alleviate signs of depression and fatigue by engaging in DIY arts and crafts. Just look through the internet for interesting ideas and see your potential in creating a new custom design.

Item Specifics:
Material: Cast iron
Color: Rustic Brown
Pulley Dimensions: Wheel Diameter: 6.75″ Height: 4.25″ Width:2.20″ Thickness: 0.70″

Package Content:
1 Rustic Design Rustic Brown Pulley for Customized Pendant Lamps and Mounting Hardware

Product Features

  • Sturdy Construction: The cast iron pulley is heavy duty and easy to hang on a bracket with a hook. Strong mounting hardware is included for your convenience , pulley holds up to 15lb once you use proper hardware and install it to wall stud
  • Crafty Rustic Design: Create a trendy rustic, farmhouse style to spruce up your dull apartment living room. It is a great touch of rustic design for a log home, hang a mason jar light to give it the industrial vintage look.
  • Custom Make Lamp: The barn pulley will help you create a custom make lamp for a home, office, restaurant, bar, diner, café or any place that needs a touch of trendy, stylish rustic design. Finish off with a pendant lamp of your choice and you’ll have your custom make wall lamp for an affordable cost.
  • DIY Home Decor: Decorate your home with custom decor pieces that you created, feel accomplished and show everyone your potential in home decorating and crafts. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Industrial, Rustic, or Vintage decoration ideas
  • Hang Multiple Light Fixtures: With the purchase of multiple pulleys you can create wall light fixtures in every room. Create a custom wall lamp to use on top of each nightstand in your bedroom. The farmhouse style, industrial or rustic design will make your bedroom decor look different than the traditional decor that everyone prefers.


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